Nurses in the Lead | Towards high quality community care


Dutch health care reforms are focused on facilitating ageing in place and promotion of self-management in older adults. This requires new competences of health care professionals, such as baccalaureate community Nurses (BaCNs). These nurses can serve as professional leaders by coaching and supporting colleagues in bringing the best scientific evidence into practice. 


This project aims to empower BaCNs in their leadership to improve the use of evidence based knowledge. We developed the Translating Innovations into Community Care Practice (TIP-C)-Toolbox to empower the leadership competences of BaCNs and to provide tools and strategies for the systematic implementation of evidence-based innovations. This toolbox will be implemented and evaluated (process and effect) in a pretest-posttest design in 7 community care teams. The focus of the evaluation is on changes in leadership competences and use of evidence based tools of BaCNs and their team members.